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It focus on the teaching of the Foreign Language throughout Arts educational and Work-team.

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Silvina Asension Rios I’m a language and physical teacher of education graduated into the UB university in BCN.

I work into the educational field. Attending many and different pedagogical, didactical … courses as well as travelling abroad with scholarship in order to work and to recycle my knowledge of learning-teaching a foreign language; all these help me to improve and to develop a deeper understanding of teaching classroom.

I learned that planning, action, observation and reflection are useful tools to succeed into any procedures of learning-teaching. Even more, I learned that the goal of education is to equip all pupils with the foundation skills, attitude and expectations necessary to prosper in a changing society.

I like to dance, to listen to music, to do sports and to travel to know other cultural costumes and gastronomy as well.

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Marisa Andrea Lostumbo I’m an architec by UPC and Master project management by URLL. I have worked many years managing projects and I dedícate to share all those knowledge learned together with junior and senior profiles.

I am passionate following different processes in order to do things and do it into work-team. I learned that teamwork and leadership communication skills are useful into our lives. I promote the development of people and organizations from the diversity and equality opportunities.

I like: Designing and creating content for new projects, walking in the mountains and enjoy the sun.

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Project Structure

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